Burris Custom Homes Services 

Burris Custom Homes will increase the value of your home through our services.  We use top of the line materials and brands so that our projects look as good in 20 years as the did they day it was complete.  Our craftsmanship is above the rest and add it to our quality materials you get a project that adds comfort and value for generations to come.  Burris Custom Homes will do projects from building your dream house or remodeling your kitchen to the smaller projects like replacing your storm door and hanging blinds.  With our bigger projects you get a one call company.  Their is no need to call different contractors for the different stages of the project.  We do every stage of the project so you deal with one contractor for your whole project.  If their is something your not sure we can do, just ask us and you will get our free project design and estimate.  Contact us today to have any project you need completed in a timely manner with high quality craftsmanship and quality materials.